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Andrisse On Keeping the Boat Afloat

About Page (Andrisse)

This is a site I’ve created to post blogs about different ways to bring in income.

At a couple of different points in my life, I have been like a sinking boat, getting pushed around by waves and in serious danger of foundering.

I especially mean financially.
Out of those times arose some ideas of realistic ways to make money, and that’s what I want to share here.

I’m Andrisse. Welcome to my site.

These are ideas that the average person can do without a Ph.D. in thermonuclear dynamics. Some do take a bit of learning and thinking outside the box, but if you have a brain, hands and feet, a small amount of cash for startup (I’m talking small—as low as $20—and a can-do attitude, you can do most of these ideas.
I invite readers to add their own ideas to this site. It could end up being a great resource!

–Andrisse (a mom with kids and a home and bills to pay, and a mom who needs to keep her boat floating)