Do you sew?

I know, it’s kind of a lost art.

But some of us out there had moms that taught us or school courses we took that actually showed us how to sew. You can use this skill for another income stream to bring in money.

A friend of mine in Virginia pays her whole mortgage with what she earns from her home-based sewing business.

Now this isn’t something she does full-time. Just a few hours here and there, at nights and on weekends, around her kids and other work.

What kinds of jobs does she do? A lot of basic stuff: sewing on buttons, stitching up seams that have come loose, hemming skirts and shorts.

She also does more advanced projects, and for these she can naturally charge more: altering clothes, making specialty curtains, sewing lab coats, etc. Her bread and butter comes from the clothes altering and repairs, though.

My mother-in-law needs to supplement her social security income, and she is doing this not only with repairs and alterations, but also with giving basic sewing lessons.

Some women took Home Economics courses in school, back in the day. They learned basic sewing skills, and now they’d really like their daughters and granddaughters to have those abilities. However they lack the confidence to teach the younger women themselves, so they hire someone like my mother-in-law.

My mom even has a single dad who brings his 9-year-old daughter for weekly sewing lessons. How cool is that?

So, if you can sew, try floating your boat with that!