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I want to make sure that I make it clear that I am not telling you that you were going to make a ton of money by using the ideas that I post here. Everyone and every individual seems to have different results. Please do not consider any of the information I’ve published to be an indicator that I am promising or guaranteeing you some level of income. Because I’m not! Your success is up to you. Just as I have had to painstakingly try new things in order to make an income, I welcome you to the same boat. Instead site. This site is only for links to ideas that could potentially earn you a living. But I make no claim that it will. If you stay on the site and you agree to this term. If you implement anything that I have written here, you agree to the terms. I am not a professional business consultant and I do not make any claim as such. I do not recommend that you do any of these businesses or have any relationship with these businesses that pays me to tell you this information.

Everything on the site is considered arm’s-length. It is arm’s-length from me to you and for me to these other sites that I linked to on this website. I see all of this to say that I don’t want you to hold me liable for anything that you do or choose to do once you have read the information that I posted on this blog. You assume all liability and risk if you do make a choice to do something that is recommended here. I say recommended with a tongue in cheek, with a wink.


You feel me?

I appreciate it.

All the best!